Regathering Plan


Our phased REGATHERING PLAN correlates with recommendations and guidelines from our government leadership and in conjunction with much prayer, preparation, wise counsel, and best practices.

Thank you for your grace and prayers as we navigate this together.



Sunday services online continue + NEW Huddles (small groups of less than 25 people) can gather. Fill out the connect form and learn more about huddle opportunities below.

We’re committed to responsible stewardship.

We miss being together yet we know that this unprecedented COVID-19 pandemic means we need to be even more committed to stewarding the responsibility of safety for all. Elevated procedures and policies are vital for the health and safety of our attenders, volunteers, and staff. You are encouraged to decide what phase and level of interaction is best for your family.

We’re committed to the Gospel. 

We are going to use every avenue possible to grow the Kingdom including through digital platforms. Online services will continue to remain an option indefinitely. No matter the phase, we will continue to offer weekly online services through our website and social media. It is also crucial to stay connected to each other and in missional communities.



Flexible Timelines.

You’ll probably notice that our plan does not include definitive dates. This is a guide that offers flexibility in a time of unpredictability and frequent change. Rather, our team will be discerning and reviewing regularly throughout this time to make sure that our next steps for our location are built upon our values and wise counsel from our leadership combined with guidelines from our governor and the Department of Health.




We get it. It’s an uncertain time and you have questions. We might not have all the answers right now, but below are the top three most frequently asked questions we are hearing from you in this season.

When will in-person gathering resume?

The Stewardship of safety for everyone is our top priority. There is no one size fits all approach. As an organization, our RiverTree churches collectively account for some of the largest gatherings in Stark County each week. We believe our phased approach offers our campuses the best plan to be wise and in-tune with the health of our community as well as the broader state and federal best practices. We have to be more cautious about regathering in-person due to the size of our gatherings. It is likely that you may experience RiverTree locations regathering in-person a little later than other local businesses and churches.

Will regular activities look different?

While we expect our in-person gatherings to mostly feel the same when we reach Phase 4, like the rest of society, we expect that the way we interact with each other will look at little different for a while. Parts of our gathering that required physical contact before (ie. passing communion, the offering, and handshakes) will be different than before. You will see more face masks (and a lot more hand sanitizer) and we’re doing everything we can to keep our facilities extra clean before, during, between and after all in-person activities.

What about ministry programs and special events?

We know that it’s more important than ever to stay connected while distanced in the next normal. In the near term, some of our programs and events will gather online-only, and some will still meet in-person (but look a little different with social distancing). We know there will be a different approach to a lot of the procedures we have to follow, but it is a priority for us to make every effort we can to keep everyone safe. We’ll handle this on a case-by-case basis as we move through the phases. If you’re part of a missional community, group, or ministry, you can expect to hear more from our team or your group leader in the coming days/weeks.

Contact Us

Feel free to reach out to our team for other questions, how we can serve you and your family, or how we can pray for you. Each person has been impacted differently during this pandemic – whether it’s kids at home from school, businesses closing, or health concerns, we all need to lean on each other for care, support, and encouragement. We are here for you and are so grateful for the ways you are truly being the hands and feet of Jesus as the church for our community.