The Martin Center



In 2011, the old Martin Elementary School building was bought for just $1, which would become The Martin Center as it stands today. The Martin Center began as a rapidly transforming community center where kids in the neighborhood could come for basketball. It quickly grew into a space that was open for kids and adults of all ages every night for food, basketball, and the Word. More programs were added until eventually, it became clear, this was more than a gym, more than an after-school program– this was the manifestation of something bigger God wanted to do; we became a church. 3rd Street Community Church was launched in 2016 and is still comprised of the people who have always been leading the vision and mission of The Martin Center. As a church, we strive to be families and neighbors gathered together, united by Christ, dedicated to the renewal of our lives, and for a restored community.


Financial support from individuals, foundations and businesses are vital to restoring families and neighborhoods.

It is through strategic collaboration and by taking action in our city that we see incredible impact and generational transformation.

Your financial support enables a community of diverse families who need it most to receive meaningful resources.

You can help make that happen through your generosity.


Partnerships with organizations, agencies and individuals play an important role in resourcing our community.

Join our current partners such as; Chester’s Mop Shop, Cross Over Academy, Habitat for Humanity, Pathway Caring for Children, TIQVAH Hands of Hope, StarkLibrary DeHoff Branch and many many more.

Becoming a community partner is simple. Contact us to learn more!